What’s Grooving for Grooms This Spring

If you happen to be marrying a man that has fashion and style, good for you. But if you don’t, we believe that your wedding attire should be as energetic as the music you play. Here are some trends for your groom to consider for his big debut.

wedding detail

  • Shake a leg. Weddings are usually more on the formal side but why not shake it up a bit. Instead of wearing the boring formal dress shoes for the wedding, try something more your style like a pair of converse chucks. Your groomsmen will thank you because they are not only stylish but more comfortable than those stuffy dress shoes.
  • If your groom is comfortable adding some color to his attire then tell him not to hold back! The new trend is to have a pop of color that complements the rest of the bridal party–plus it has fun written all over it. We grooms and their bright ties! Its the perfect splash of color to complement any spring wedding.
  • Think outside the box. Instead of coordinating the colors of your ties, try wearing matching socks! A unique accessory can be the most creative and unique photo of your groomsmen.
  • Suspenders have snapped back into grooms wedding wardrobe. Yes– we know what you’re thinking– they may give off a nerd vibe, but the studious and intellectual look is in. Ryan Reynolds wore custom leather suspenders for his wedding with Blake Lively. A tip to remember for your groom, make sure the suspenders match the color of his suit.

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