Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Traditional? Today, there is no such thing as a “traditional” wedding. Many couples put their own touches on their wedding ceremony. Here are a five ideas for you and your fiance to break the traditional mold.

Source: Colin Cowie Weddings / Jessica Lorren Photography

The Walk Down The Aisle:
If every wedding was done by tradition, your father would be walking you down the aisle, but now-a-days, anything is acceptable. You can have both parents, a sibling or your husband to be walk you down the aisle.

Don’t Have Bridesmaids:
Instead of having a bridal party, keep it just the two of you. Its your big day and you can do what you want.

The perfect view:
If you are having an out door ceremony, have your guests chairs angled so everyone gets a perfect view of your special moment when you become husband and wife

Fragrant Flowers:
Have your ceremony decorated with fresh fragrant flowers. Line your personalized runner with petals for a breath taking entrance as you walk down the isle to your husband.

A Romantic Glow:
For evening ceremonies, have it lit up with tea candles and lanterns. This will not only give your ceremony a romantic feel, all of the guests will feel the love that you share as a couple as you say, “I do”.