Ways That Valentines Day Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Valentines day is rapidly approaching and we want to help you think of some creative ways you can show how much you love your fiance on Valentines Day. We know that planning a wedding can be stressful, but here are some ways that can help you plan out your wedding while sharing a romantic evening together.

  • Love notes– Sometimes the most simple gift is the one that means the most. Write your fiance a love letter to express how much they mean to you, not only will you have wrote a note that your loved one will cherish, it could be incorporated into your vows.
  • Pop the cork– Have a glass of wine or champagne to set the mood on Valentines day. If there is a bottle particular bottle that both of you enjoy think about serving it to your guests on your wedding day.
  • May I have this dance?– Dancing on a romantic evening like Valentines day is a perfect way to set the mood. Not only will you two be sharing an intimate moment, but it is practice for the big day. It is a great way to become comfortable dancing with one another without feeling self-conscious.
  • Lingerie is a pretty standard Valentine’s Day Gift. But add to the romance by picking out something that you’d like to see her or him in on your wedding night.

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