Unique Way To Attach Boutonnieres For Guys

Hate pinning the boutonniere through your jacket? It ruins the fabric and leave a hole where it was inserted. Instead of messing around with those pins, there is a more useful way to pin on your boutonniere, and it won’t ruin your suit.

Have you ever wondered how the women on the bacholrette pin on the men’s boutonnieres so quickly? No, she isn’t a pro. She was using magnetic boutonnieres. They are designed to be held tight to fabric by a magnetic backing. Basically, a magnet is placed at the base of the boutonniere in the back and the other is placed on the other side of the jacket for a poke free experience.

Nicole and Jordan had a Memorial Day wedding at our venue. Instead of using the traditional pin, they chose to use magnetic boutonnieres. James who is a photographer for Zachary Photography noticed the boutonnieres, while he was taking photos and he shared it with us.  Many people think that the boutonnieres won’t stay but they held all day! Many florists offer magnetic boutonniere or corsage, so check with your local florists if this is an option.


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