Trash the Dress

Instead of boxing up your wedding dress in the attic, preserve your wedding dress with a unique photo by trashing your dress. After weeks, months or sometimes years of planning a wedding, many brides who do a trash the dress shoot say it helps them put to rest their wedding anxiety.

Trashing your wedding dress after your big day became popular around 2000  by a wedding photographer  named John Michael Cooper, who actually coined the term “trashing the dress” although the idea of trashing the wedding dress had been used in Hollywood before the 2000′s.

Typically, brides and their photographer go to a place where the bride can get the dress dirty. It can be any place that will ruin the dress in the process, some of the popular places are on a beach, in city streets, on rooftops, in the woods, by a river or playing a sport. You can be as creative as you want!

Bring your improv skills! You need to kiss on demand and create laughter even if it may not be hilarious. Trashing the dress is a fun carefree photo shoot so don’t be afraid to dip, dance and jump to get THAT perfect picture, which makes it all worth it. The more energy and emotion, the better the pictures will be.The whole point of trash the dress is to have fun and relieve some of the tension and stress that you as a couple may have had while planning the wedding. Let loose with your loved one and you will have excitingly amazing photos to show to your friends and family.

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