Top 10 Places to Register for Your Wedding

We have found the 10 most popular places for couples to register for their wedding in the Philadelphia tri-state area. It’s hard to narrow down where to register for your wedding. A few tips that can help you narrow down your list is thinking of what stores have practical items that you will use and places you shop frequently.We suggest to register at no more than 5 places. It will be easier on you and your guests to keep where you register to a minimum. It wasn’t easy to trim our list down to the 10 most popular, so we understand if it is difficult to choose where to register.

If you value one-stop-shopping convenience above all else then this is the place to register. They have everything from basic housewares, linens, and appliances. One of the perks with registering here is that you get a 10% completion discount on items you registered for but didn’t receive. Also, you may be eligible for free gifts when your guests purchase qualifying items.

If you are drawn to modern housewares and furniture then you should register here. This is the perfect store to find the essentials you need to entertain your guests. Also when you register you save  10% off unlimited purchases for 6 months after your big date (even on furniture).

The store’s catalogs is exactly the kind of “relaxed summer home” vibe you aspire to create in your your new place. When you register you save 10% off your purchases 6 months after your wedding day. You can also use gift cards you receive from William and Sinoma, West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids.

You might already love this store because of Vera, Ralph, Kate and Calvin, but if the goods that catch your eye are fine chine, kitchenware, bed and bath, and home decor then you should register here. You receive so many bonuses that you need to check them out for yourself click here.

If  Macy’s is already your go-to department store, you can rack up those rewards dollars with your registry! Enjoy up to $200 in savings across the store when you enroll. Plus, get 10% rewards on every purchase & 5% on every gift-then receive a rewards card. Plus with their many locations it will be easy for your guests–the hard part how to choose what to get!

You’re probably already a fan of the store because it combines quality and style at a great value.  Since you already enjoy this store, why not register here? When you create a wedding registry you earn 10% rewards on gifts purchased from your registry!

If you already make regular trips to Target and you’re a huge fan of its big-name “designer goods for less” then you should round out your registry with some household items and some essential electronics. When you register you receive a 10% completion discount. If you register in the store, you can receive a welcome kit which includes a Target Wedding catalog, a coupon book and other various offers.

Register here if you want to turn your house into a home. They have everything from your kitchen and your dining room to living room and bed and bath.  If you’re passionate about cooking and entertaining then you need to check out these bonuses for yourself click here.

If you want to give your home an European-inspired feel with furniture, garden decor and housewares, then this is the place to register. You will receive a 10% completion discount.

If having state-of-the-art electronics and home appliances is at the top of your list, sign up for Best Buy Wish Lists. The store also offers a Pitch In card that lets guests contribute to the joint purchase of big-ticket items—like that 50-inch plasma TV you’ve had your eye on.

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