The Relaxed, Yet Polished Groom Attire

Today, not as many couples are having weddings at big venues. Now many couples are choosing to have a laid-back wedding in their backyard or on the beach. So how do you have a relaxed wedding while still looking polished, especially when it comes to the groom and his groomsmen? Easy!

Polished Groom Attire

We have the styles to allow your groom and groomsmen to have fun with their attire while still looking handsomely sleek.

  • Have the groomsmen wear just a shirt and vest, while the groom wears the full suit.  The groom will stand out among his groomsmen, all while looking put together and coordinated.
  • Instead of wearing a suit, have the groomsmen wear a cotton vest with a bow tie that pops with color and completes the groomsmen wedding attire. This style is perfect for a backyard wedding because it is not overly dressy. It’s laid back, yet polished and classy.
  • For a beach wedding have your groom wear a light tan suit without a tie. Leave the top of his shirt unbuttoned to give his attire a relaxed feel. Add a pop of color to his attire with a bold boutonniere. Also, shoes can be optional, but make sure the groom and his groomsmen get pedicure so they don’t scare other guests with their feet.
  • Of course, your ring bearer must fit in with the men too. Have your ring bearer wear a matching vest and cap (absolutely adorable!)

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