Summer Wedding Ideas for 2014!

We are just loving these trends, hopefully some inspire you!

wedding bouquet

Check out our list for some of the HOT trends for summer 2014:

1 – Neutrals
We are in LOVE with the blush, tan, gold themes that are popping up everywhere. Reminds us of “The Great Gatsby”

2 – Sparkly Sequins
What is not to love about adding a little shine to your big day?

3 – Mint Green
Another color obsession is a light, candy mint green. Looks great in your pictures!

4 – Smaller invitations
They send a more intimate, dainty feel to your guests

5 – A Day after Treat
A lot of couples are skipping a traditional favor, for a little snack in the am. Guests will appreciate this, and smile thinking of your wedding!