Stay Cool Tips for Summer Weddings

It’s your big day and the sun is out and shining. All along you were worried about the rain, but what about the sizzling summer sun? Gowns and suits aren’t the ideal attire for sweltering summer weather, but they are ways to keep everyone cool while celebrating the big day.

Stay cool tips for summer weddings

Most importantly keep your guests hydrated. You want your guests to remember your day as a wonderful and magical day, not as the hottest day of their life..or worse, as the day they passed out at your wedding. Make sure you have extra non-alcoholic beverages around the ceremony and reception.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, think about props that you can supply to guests to the make the heat a little more bearable. Turn your wedding program into a simple fan. It will keep your guests cool and it can be used as a keepsake. Trust us, never underestimate the power of a simple fan on a hot summer day.

Offer your guests sunscreen if you are having your ceremony and/or reception in the suns strongest hours. We recommend the spray instead of the lotion. You may be spending a little more, but it is easier to apply, you don’t have to rub it in or wash it off your hands. Just make sure the food and cake isn’t in range while guests are spraying sunscreen…unless you don’t mind a little SPF in your food.

Think about renting a mist sprayer so they guests can walk in and out of and get cooled down. Another idea, if you can’t afford the mister, is to place spray bottles on a table outside so guests can mist themselves when they need to cool down…just keep an eye to make sure the kids don’t get a hold of the bottles.

Instead of having a heavy dessert table, think about having a snow cone maker. Your guests (and kids if attending the wedding) can enjoy a childhood favorite of many. Your guests will enjoy their frozen treat as they cool down.

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