Popular Themes for Your Wedding Invitations

The first glimpse that your guests will get of your wedding comes months before you may be done planning it. Your wedding invitations should reflect your style as a couple, but also reflect the theme of your wedding. It will give the guests a hint for what kind of  wedding to expect.  Here are some popular invitation themes to help you narrow it down. 

Modern: The style of these invitations are clean, sleek and fresh look. Typically you want to keep the color scheme simple. No more than three colors to keep the look crisp and to avoid having the invitation look too busy.

Sweet & Fun: This just the theme for fun-loving couples who want to add a little sweetness to their invitations. Popular themes include love birds, a pop of color and balloons.

Classic: Invitations that have a classic feel will never fail to impress because of its timeless elegance. It is the perfect way to introduce your wedding and create a formal atmosphere.

Floral: This theme is just the thing for spring and summer weddings and blossom filled occasions. It is fitting for traditional and garden themed weddings.

Lace: This style is simple, flirty, and chic. Lace is the perfect touch to add a little some extra to your invitation.

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