Narrowing Down The Guest List

Trying to figure out who to invite to your wedding can be difficult. From family members who you haven’t seen in years to coworkers, when you need to narrow down your list of guests it can be very stressful. Don’t worry we got it covered.

Narrow down the guest list

If you feel uncomfortable while trimming down the number of guests, don’t worry almost every bride, who is on a budget, goes through it. Our suggestion is to think about the long run such as people who have been a part of your life.


Cross these debatable guests off your wedding guest list: 

  • Children: Sometimes when money is tight couples opt to have their guests leave their kids at home.
  • Extended Family: Many times elderly extended family members have issues when traveling far so keep this in mind when sending out invites. Talk to your family members about this if it could be an issue. Also, think about Aunt Susie who you only met once when you were 3 years old. Remember when narrowing down your guest list, keep in mind who has made an impact on you both as a couple.
  • Childhood Friends: Unless you are still close your entire class from high school, you can probably leave them off your list. Invite the ones that have been close to you and are a major part of your life.
  • Co-workers: Inviting co-workers can be a sensitive subject, so if you do make sure you don’t discuss wedding plans with your co-workers that aren’t invited. If it is a big issue, opt to cross co-workers off entirely, that way you do not hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • Neighbors: Unless you are close friends with your neighbors, they shouldn’t be expecting an invite.
  • Friend’s Parents: You may have been close with a few friends throughout your life and even become close with their parents. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford to invite their parents to the wedding — they will understand.


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