How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Dress

Many brides pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for their wedding gown, but after the wedding is over what will you do with it? Many brides used to save their dress for their daughter to wear on their wedding day– but lets be real– most daughters don’t wear their mothers wedding dress. If you don’t want it to collect dust just sitting in your closet, consider our creative ways to get the most out of your dress.

  1. Use the fabric to make your baby’s first christening outfit.
    You both created your beautiful baby. Making your baby’s outfit out of your wedding dress can be used as a symbol of the love that you and your husband share with one another and your child.
  2. Use some of the fabric to make your daughters prom or wedding dress.
    You can share your wedding dress with your daughter on her big day, without her wearing your dress. You could make a sash or use lace from your wedding dress to make her dress special. It will be something you both can share together.
  3. Wear it to a Halloween party.
    A bunch of women had said that they wore their wedding dress to a Halloween party..hey why not, its a creative idea!
  4. Wear it to your anniversary dinner.
    What better to wear than your wedding dress on your anniversary!
  5. Save it so when you renew your vows you can wear it again.
    You will wow all of your family and friends when you wear the same dress as you did on your wedding day.
  6. Make your wedding dress into a keepsake.
    Take a part of your wedding dress and embroider your wedding date and names on the piece of fabric. Frame the fabric and it can be a personal memento of your wedding.
  7. Turn your wedding dress into a quilt.
    If you are quilter, great! but if not take it to a personal quilter to have it done. Ask your bridesmaids if they want their dresses because if they don’t you can add pieces of their dress to your quilt.
  8. If you had a simple wedding gown, see if a seamstress can turn it into an evening cocktail dress.
    You will get more wear out of your wedding gown if you turn it into a cocktail dress. Ask your seamstress if she can make a summer cocktail dress that you can wear to another special occasion.
  9. Donate your wedding dress or send it to another bride via Secret of the Traveling Dress.
    You choose the bride you would like to wear your dress, and then send them the dress. They wear it for their wedding, send you pictures, and then pass the dress along again. I found this idea on an awesome website called A Practical Wedding.
  10. You don’t have to preserve it….instead you can trash it!
    Trashing your wedding dress has become a new trend in newlyweds. After you and your husband have settled down from all the wedding fun, set up a photo shoot with your photographer to trash your wedding dress. Instead of having the dress to remember the day, you will have fun and creative photos that you can share with friends and family. Many couples are choosing to trashing the dress because they say it releases stress caused by the wedding.

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