Helpful Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Whether it may be a garden wedding with vibrant flowers and ferns or a wedding on the beach where you can hear the hum of the ocean, you must decide what kind of atmosphere you want to have your wedding. This is an important decision because the venue creates the atmosphere, tone and mood of your special day.  So keep this vision in mind when you start looking at different venues, here are a few helpful tips to keep you focused:


When looking at venues, keep in mind the style of the place. Make sure it complements your wedding vision. Consider a venue that offers both outdoor and indoor service, just in case of a rainy day.


It is recommended to ask for a detailed description of what is included in the venue and for the price. This way you will know how much you will need to provide. Keep in mind that some venues have food and beverage minimums.

Vendor Flexibility:

Ask about vendor flexibility. Instead of being locked in with one caterer or baker, consider choosing a venue that has a list of preferred vendors because they are reputable and recommended, plus it allows you to be flexible and make the final decision.

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One Venue:

Think about having the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This will allow your guests to easily transition from the ceremony to the reception, without the hassle of having to get directions and drive.

Staff and Service:

Having a venue that has professional and accommodating staff will ease the stress of your big day. Not only will you needs be met, but you can rest assured that your guests will be taken care of as well. Great service sets the tone to a great and unforgettable wedding that will have your guests talking until your golden anniversary.

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