Simple Get-Fit Tips for Brides on the Go

Many of us waste too much time saying we need to work out but dread the process.  What’s a better goal than to fit into your dress on your wedding day? Tone up with these wedding workout pointers. These easy workout tips will have you looking your best for the big day and you wont have to worry about which is your good side. You will be all around toned and feeling healthier.

Plan your workout, like you are planning your wedding: Don’t expect to get fit quick. You need to give yourself as much time as possible to get ready for the wedding day. One of the biggest problems that trainers see often with brides is that they over-train too close to their wedding day which can lead to injury and unnecessary stress.

Be realistic: Having a set period of time for your goal will help you stick to a new fitness regime. Write down your plan for each day (or week) and think of a goal that you can accomplish or exceed. For example, walking 30 minutes each day, then running for 15-20 minutes and see how many times you have to stop and walk each time. Eventually you can work up to running without having to slow down or take a break.

Start simple: Pilates is a simple way to tone and straighten the spine. Regular Pilates workouts will have you walking gracefully with your shoulders back and tummy tight. See if your gym offers classes. If Pilates is not your thing, try yoga or a cardio class.

Let your dress influence your workouts: Focus on parts of your body that will be the most exposed on your big day. By doing this you won’t have to obsess over toning your entire body. For example, if your dress is a halter or strapless, work on your shoulders with push ups. If your dress is backless, hit up the rowing machine to define your back muscles and shoulders.

Alternative ways: If you don’t have a gym membership or it doesn’t fit into your budget right now, do something active. Something that doesn’t involve eating or drinking. Instead of meeting family and friends at a restaurant or bar, try taking a walk through the park or the mall, go biking, or ice skating, if the season allows.

Eating healthy is key: Think of the food pyramid. Focus on whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein and calcium. Try to stay away from fats and sweets. If you have to be at a restaurant, pick out the 3 healthiest things on the menu and choose between them. Also, take a daily multi-vitamin so you are receiving all of your nutrients that your body my not be receiving from your food choices.

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