Groom’s Cakes

How about doing a little something special to make sure your Groom knows its about him too!

The grooms cake is a legend that has been transformed into a part of the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception– the cake is not just about the bride, it’s about both of you.

The tradition of a grooms cake started in the Victorian Era, the tradition started with a dense fruit cake, but today has evolved into a flour based cake. The tradition or legend was to cut a piece of the cake and put it in a small box, and then give it to the unmarried women that attended the wedding. The cake was never eaten, but put under the pillow of the single woman giving them the hope that they would dream of and one day find their future husband.

Today it is not put under a pillow or given to the single women attending, it is incorporated into the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. It is used as a way to include the groom in the wedding festivities. The grooms cake can take many forms. Most men incorporate a sports theme or a hobby with their cake so it reflects their interests.

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