Fall In Love with Our 5 Fall Wedding Favors

Want to give your guests a favor that they will enjoy without straying away from the theme of your autumn wedding? Well here are a few favor suggestions that will complement any fall wedding.

1. Apple Cider packets – As the leaves begin to turn, your guests can cozy up with some cider. Have them prepackaged with a cute saying such as “Falling in Love” and don’t forget the cinnamon.

2. Apple Butter – Whether you make it yourself or have it done for you, this is a healthy alternative to giving your guests sweets. Have it packaged in mini jars with a ribbon or fabric that matches your wedding day colors.

3. Soy Candles – Aromas such as chai tea and bayberry cinnamon are a popular fall scent that will have your guests warm and snuggled in for the season. Pack them up in boxes that complement your color palette—they can even double as place cards.

4. Honey – Mini jars of cinnamon honey are a sweet way to say thank you to your guests. They are also a nice touch of color when added to a brown color palette

5. Caramel Apple – Treat your guests to a delicious caramel apple encrusted with nuts or drizzled with milk chocolate. Have them individually wrapped, tied with a ribbon of your color so your guests can grab them on their way out.

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