A Bright Idea for Lighting Up Your Wedding Reception

Over the past year uplighting has become a popular decor and creates a romantic ambiance to any wedding reception. Many couples choose the lighting to be different from their accent color.
All of  the up lighting fixtures can be mixed and matched in any way you choose to create a custom lighting system for your reception. Think outside your wedding palette when you use colored lights. If you’ve used green as the color of your wedding, stay away from green lighting — it might be too much.  Try colors that complement, like magenta or a soft rose.

The lights are usually placed in various spots in the room to give it that extra glow. Usually (not always) there is a light placed behind the wedding cake to draw more attention towards it.

Photo Credited to djadammoyer.blogspot.com
Photo Credited to djadammoyer.blogspot.com

Uplighting is a way to display your vendors hard work and your guests will look great in flattering light; you will be happy with the results and your reception venue is bound to impress all.

Les Jardins provides their own uplighting so you do not need to go through the hassle of getting your uplighting from your florist (many florists charge extra for uplighting). For additional information on uplighting you can contact us at 215.429.6863.

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