A Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit For The Big Day

How to save the bride when problems arise:

Fabric tape: Stock up on some double sided fabric tape for the big day. It can be a life saver if your bra straps are sliding or so the bride is not flashing her guests because her bodice top to her corset is not secure. It is also useful in case someone has fallen hem. You not only will be a hit with the bridal party, but the guests as well.

Blotting papers: These sheets take the shine off of the bride’s nose. Whip out a packet of these easy touch-up papers to restore the brides beautiful glow.

Portable flossing picks: The bride will be snacking in between pictures during cocktail hour and you don’t want her to have someone take a quick snapshot with food in her teeth. Keep easily portable flossing picks with you at all times, especially after the cake cutting..and maybe a wash cloth too.

Stain removal packets or sticks: A white dress, mixed with moving around, plus drinks and food.. something is bound to leave its mark. Just in case it ends up on the bride, you should have stain removal packets handy. It will save her from walking around with any unwanted colorful additions on her dress. It is useful for the groom as well in case of lipstick smudges on his shirt after slow dancing.

 Antacid chewable tablets: It is something as small and simple as antacids that could potentially save the day..and maybe the wedding night too. Just think, she might not have had much to eat because of her nerves, but now she is downing a mixture of hors’ d’oeuvres and drinks. If you hear her tummy rumble, slip her one, she will thank you later.

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