5 Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding

It’s the morning of your wedding day and you are stressing because you want everything to be perfect. Don’t worry it will be! Here and some simple tips for the morning of your big day and to help you keep calm.

Eat breakfast. Don’t skip a meal just because you are feeling jittery. Your nerves will get worse if you are hungry. You will have more energy and keep a clear head throughout the day if you eat a well balanced meal. Think about keeping some hearty snacks close at hand while you are on the go.

Forget the list. It’s your day.  Don’t freak out about all of the things you still need to do on your list. Plan ahead. Make a copy or two of what you need to do on your wedding day and give it to someone you trust like a family member or bridesmaids. Remember they are your support system and you chose them and because you can trust them.

Don’t sweat the weather. Many brides worry about the weather on the day of their wedding, but there is no need to. The weather changes quickly and it will be probably be beautiful and sunny by the time of your ceremony. You can’t predict the weather, but you can prevent it.  While planning your wedding remember to have a back-up plan if your ceremony or reception is outside, just in case.

Today is your day to be gorgeously flawless. Have fun while being pampered and having your hair and makeup done. You should relax and enjoy yourself. Today is all about you. It will be helpful to have a little bag of essentials with you such as lip gloss, mascara, tissues, anything you might need just in case you want to do a last minute touch up.

Remember take in the moment. Today is all about embarking on your new journey as newlyweds. Many brides say that the hours go by quickly so take a moment and remember how much you love your husband-to-be and why you were meant to be together. Then, look around at all of the guests that have supported you two in your decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

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