4 Engagement Ring Styles Perfect For Her Personality

Each woman is unique in her own way, and her engagement ring should also be. There are many styles of bands and cuts of stones that can be created into the perfect ring. Make sure it reflects her personality and style. Here are some helpful tips to finding that perfect ring. 

Classic prong set ring: This is more the typical traditional ring with a simple but elegant band and diamond cut to perfection. This style is for someone who desires to be sophisticated, yet simply elegant.

Modern Design: From teardrops to sunbursts, these rings are sure to catch anyone’s attention while on your hand. Innovative shapes are all the rage because they create a lot of visual interest and adds some extra shine. This style is for someone that views her ring as a work of art. She is free spirited and has a unique sense of style.

Colored Centered Stones: These marvelous stones stand out in a crowd of white diamond engagement rings. Colors range from champagne to sapphire, and they’re especially lovely tucked into halo settings. This style is for someone that is original and wants her ring to make a statement.

Twist design: This is a growing trend where the band of the ring is manipulated and “twisted” which adds complexity to the intricate design of the ring.  This style is for someone who loves the symbolism behind her ring. The twisted style represents the union of two people coming together in marriage, who will be intertwined as one.


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