10 Questions To Ask Your Marriage Celebrant

When trying to find the right wedding celebrant for your wedding ceremony, it’s best to look around for someone who makes you both feel comfortable and has a fitting  personality and is professional. 

You should make sure that your celebrant has a clear speaking voice and a friendly demeanor. It is important that you feel comfortable with your celebrant when preparing the wedding ceremony. We recommend that you both take some time to think about the aspects of your wedding ceremony which are most important to you. Make a list and bring it with you when you meet with your celebrant. This way it helps the celebrant get to know you as a couple better, while you both get to know the celebrant too. Here’s a few questions to get you started:

  1. Is the celebrant available on your wedding date?
  2. Does the celebrant charge a standard fee? Is the celebrant’s fee all-inclusive, a donation, or are there other charges that may arise (i.e. travel costs, paperwork, rehearsal)?
  3. Is the celebrant available for a ceremony rehearsal?
  4. How long has the celebrant been performing weddings? Why does he/she do them?
  5. Does the celebrant make you comfortable? Does he or she seem genuinely interested in you as a couple? Be sure you like and respect your celebrant — and that the feeling is mutual.
  6. Does your celebrant inspire you with a feeling of confidence?
  7. Does the celebrant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you?
  8. What happens if your wedding ceremony runs over time or there is an unexpected delay in the agreed upon start time of the ceremony?
  9. Will the celebrant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Can you include religious touches if desired?
  10. Would the celebrant (and his/her spouse) like to come to the reception and rehearsal dinner?

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